We want to develop a contemporary portfolio business game that:

  • can be played flexibly in terms of time and space (i.e. over a day or several weeks/ on-site or online)
  • covers several years of simulated market developments and is modularly expandable
  • presents investment and market-relevant information depending on the level of experience in a compressed and easily accessible form (including various sustainability criteria)

The contribution of the investment mangement game (IMAG) is threefold:

  1. First of all, IMAG provides a secure, user-friendly, high-quality and immersive learning environment which is in accordance with the 2021 Digital Education Act of the European Union.
  2. Second, in an attempt to combat financial illitracy, IMAG can be seen as a free source of digital and inclusive education that is suited for students and adults alike.
  3. Third, the focus on sustainable investment principles contributes to the fight against climate change and is in line with the EU Green Deal.